Standardised data for carbon finance

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Projects need capital to get off the ground

Investors need financial insight and risk mitigation

Data is the key

What we do

High integrity projects - from start to finish

High quality projects

We collect, verify and standardise field data from early-stage projects.

Financial modeling

We build robust economic models and structure transactions to allow investors to mitigate project risk.


investment sought

Ongoing monitoring

Manage implementation risk through post-transaction monitoring.

Our partners

Fair Climate Fund
Future Carbon
MV Climate

Scaling carbon reduction projects

Investment size



Tidal seagrass

Project listed, AAA rated

African reforestation

Project listed, AAA rated

Indonesian REDD+

Project listed, AAA rated

Coastline regeneration

Project under development

For investors

A premium risk management platform

Verified data

Precise & referenced data to underpin your quality due dillgence process.

Expedite due diligence

Our platform is organized in a format suitable for data driven investors.

Risk mitigation

Access tools to mitigate identified risks, pre-issuance ratings, performance covenants & delivery insurance.

Ongoing monitoring

Manage implementation risk via quarterly updates and real-time alerts.

For developers

A data partner to access climate finance.

Capital when you need it

We get your project funded at an early stage via our network of investors.

Data management

A single source of truth to showcase your project’s performance.

Pricing & market intelligence

Access benchmarking tools to get fair pricing insight.

Transaction support

Effective due diligence and guided support to ensure success.

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    3rd May, 10:00am

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    22 Feb, 12:15pm

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    22 Feb, 09:26am

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    30th Feb, 17:02pm

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    13th Feb, 13:17pm

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    11th Feb, 8:08am

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