Our vision

Empowering far reaching climate action

Our mission

A world full of impactful, planet-saving initiatives

We want to see a world where starting and scaling offsetting initiatives is easy. We believe the way to get there is to empower developers to create more projects with higher impact. To achieve this, we will give developers the tools, capital and market access in a fair and transparent way.

Our Team

Driven by purpose

We are a diverse group of carbon market experts, engineers and entrepreneurs with a deep passion for climate action. Together, we are looking to accomplish a vision that none of us could achieve alone.

Thomas Herry


10 years in Private Equity and part of the team of 12 who built Uber in the UK and Ireland from scratch.

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Anton Jidkov


10 years of Software Engineering, Product and Management experience at Seedrs, Questionmark and Bede Gaming.

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Shaun Mattingley

Business Development Director

30 years experience in Business Development including building the Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) in Europe.

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Daniel Keen

Software Engineer

4 years of Software Engineering experience at Farewill and Seedrs.

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Monty Browne

Business Development Associate

Expert in renewable energy, carbon initiatives and future trade opportunities.

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