How it works

A robust, multi layered process to ensure superior data quality

Project origination

A network of Premium early stage opportunities

  • We cultivate strong partnerships with experienced developers worldwide

  • Our network unlocks early access to pre-issuance projects

  • Deep dive into each project's scope and financing requirements

Feasability review

2-5 hours

Rigorous project vetting for optimal quality

  • We assess key quality indicators, including track record, tenure, and legal credentials

  • We evaluate feasibility using methodology-specific criteria

  • Only the most impactful projects make it to our platform

Data gathering

5-20 hours

A virtual data room for critical documents

  • Centralised developer documents for seamless integration with our virtual vault

  • Versioning and cross-referencing for enhanced traceability

  • Accommodating diverse document types, including tenure, geography and financial modelling.

Data standardisation

5-15 hours

Advanced data modeling for streamlined analysis

  • Over 90 data points specific to each methodology

  • Seamless data synchronization with partners, fom ratings agencies to insurance providers

  • Efficiently query essential categories, eliminating the need to navigate through vast document archives

Financial modelling

6-16 hours

Unparalleled financial insight for informed decisions

  • Examine project economics with our proprietary financial model

  • Focus on the important figures, such as IRR, price and budget

  • Explore pricing and cash flow scenarios to anticipate potential outcomes

Transaction support

10-20 hours

Guided support for seamless transactions

  • Utilize ready-made contract templates for a faster negotiation process

  • Individualised, 1 on 1 support to get transactions over the line

  • Harness our market intelligence for insights on optimal deals, backed by comprehensive market research

Ongoing monitoring

Real-time project performance tracking

  • Monitor project metrics live on the platform

  • Keep track of actual investment returns, credit issuance and budget

  • Utilize satellite assistance to view real-time project developments, such as canopy growth metrics, to ensure projects are delivering

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