How we assess quality

Providing the highest quality, premium projects is our keystone value. Every project listed on our platform has been reviewed and vetted in line with our rigorous quality assessment process

Developer submits projectThe developer submits detailed information about the project to the Fenix Carbon platform
Initial reviewFenix Carbon reviews the project against our Quality Manifesto using the data provided by the project developer
Information gatheringAdditional information is gathered from multiple sources. This includes certifier documentation, ratings agencies, sector experts and peer developers
In depth reviewThe Fenix Carbon analysis process comprises of a review of methodology, additionality, permanence, mitigants as well as co-benefits
Decision & listingOnce a decision is reached, the project is updated with our analysis review and listed publicly.

Constant monitoring

Projects are constantly monitored for updates, media reports and any new information. This is to guarantee the accuracy of information on the marketplace and to ensure that all projects continue to conform to our high quality standards.

Our quality standards

We take the quality of our projects seriously. It is incredibly important to us that the projects we offer reflect the best quality available on the market. That's why each project must pass the highest level of quality assurance before being listed on our platform.


We only accept listings from internationally recognised certifiers

Certification is at the core of quality carbon credits. The process takes into account a variety of factors including additionality, permanence and allignment with the UN list of Sustainable Development Goals. The certifiers that we recognise have a long standing reputation in the industry, a strong governance policy and are backed by reputable organisations.

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We only accept single origin credits

We do not accept tokenised credits, compound or combined products. While certain alternative solutions look promising, we believe that they are still at a very early stage. To maintain the utmost transparency, we believe it is important to be in control of the underlying projects.


We favour a buy to retire approach

Our ultimate goal is for more companies to become carbon neutral. This means that carbon offsets must be retired to contribute to saving the planet. While we can offer delivery of credits for buyers looking to take direct ownership, we favour retirement.


We only accept recent vintages

The carbon market has evolved substantially over the last decade. To guarantee the impact of carbon reduction, we believe that newer vintages provide a superior and well documented methodology for carbon offset certification.

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