How it works

We make it simple for ethical companies to buy directly from project developers. Quality, simplicity and transparency is paramount to us.

Our quality process

Project submission

  • Developers submit details of their project
  • This includes full project details and price to be displayed on the marketplace
  • Fenix Carbon reviews projects using our quality analysis framework
Submit project page demo, highlighting our collection of supporting documentation, detailed product information and a price chosen by the project developer
Fenix Carbon marketplace page example, showing a list of projects

Find the perfect project

  • Browse the marketplace
  • See comprehensive project details
  • Download all supporting documentation
  • View the project on the public registry


  • No price markup. Prices set by the developer
  • Transparent 10% fee on each side
  • All contracts are autogenerated instantly
  • Funds are held in a secure escrow
  • Retire on behalf of your customers or take delivery
On the purchasing of credits with Fenix Carbon, a purchase agreement is generated, and money held in a secure escrow until the credits are retired on behalf of the buyer
The Fenix Carbon user dashboard with a list of a users orders, and links to various documentation. A Fenix Carbon certificate is highlighted showing proof of purchase


1-2 days
  • Fenix Carbon checks credits have been processed
  • Funds are released from the escrow
  • Fully auditable purchases via the dashboard
  • All documentation including the registry link, purchase agreements and certificates can be accessed from the dashboard