AlliedOffsets Announces Strategic Partnership with Fenix Carbon to Amplify Early Stage Carbon Project Visibility

Users of the Allied Offsets data platform looking to make a carbon investment can now explore Fenix Carbon's pre-issuance projects

Fenix Carbon


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  • AlliedOffsets partners with Fenix Carbon to integrate early-stage carbon offset projects into their platform.
  • This partnership enhances transparency and accessibility in the carbon offset market allowing users to understand what projects are in the pipeline and understand trends in early-stage project development.
  • AlliedOffsets users looking to make a carbon investment, can now explore Fenix Carbon's pre-issuance projects, get access to the project financials and run full due diligence on their platform.

AlliedOffsets, the world’s largest aggregated database for the voluntary carbon market, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Fenix Carbon, a climate finance catalyst working with early-stage carbon offset projects to provide standardised data, financial modelling and transaction structuring. This partnership aims to enhance transparency and accessibility within the carbon offset market, facilitating greater understanding of early stage projects.

Fenix Carbon is unlocking capital for pioneering early-stage projects with its data-driven, carbon finance platform. Through their platform, they provide invaluable services, including standardised data for carbon finance, financial modelling & reporting, project monitoring,  pricing & market intelligence, and transaction support, all designed to propel the success of early carbon offset initiatives.

The lack of a centralized registry for carbon offset projects makes it challenging for stakeholders to access comprehensive and comparative project information across various registries. AlliedOffsets has addressed this critical need by offering a database which serves as a one-stop source for researchers, individuals, and businesses to access crucial project data across different registries.

Under the newly formed partnership, AlliedOffsets will integrate core information about Fenix Carbon's projects into its dashboard, providing a broader range of carbon offset projects to its users. This will allow individuals, researchers, and businesses to explore, compare, and support Fenix Carbon's initiatives seamlessly, increasing the visibility and accessibility of these impactful projects. It will also allow users to understand what projects are in the pipeline and understand trends in early-stage project development.

"We are excited to partner with Fenix Carbon to further our mission of making the offset market more transparent and accessible to all," said Anton Root, Head of Research at AlliedOffsets. "By integrating Fenix Carbon's projects into our dashboard, we aim to amplify the reach of these critical initiatives and empower our users to make a real impact on mitigating climate change at the very early stages of project creation, before they even enter the registry ecosystem."

The partnership between AlliedOffsets and Fenix Carbon reflects their shared commitment to sustainability. Thomas Herry, CEO of Fenix Carbon says: “We are very excited to partner with AlliedOffsets! At Fenix, we believe that investors are shifting their focus to high quality, pre-issuance projects. Working with carbon investors, we see that standardised data is the key to successful carbon investments. By partnering, we aim to increase the visibility of these projects, the details of which have often been harder to access, and to help scale the number of planet saving projects!”.

For more information about AlliedOffsets and their partnership with Fenix Carbon, please visit or contact

About AlliedOffsets

AlliedOffsets is a leading carbon offset information platform dedicated to providing transparency and accessibility within the carbon offset market. Their Premium Dashboard offers a comprehensive repository of carbon offset projects, making it easier for researchers, individuals, and businesses to understand, compare, and support these critical initiatives.

Fenix Carbon is unleashing the next million planet saving projects.

Our mission is to harness the power of data to unlock capital for early stage carbon projects.

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