Amaly Legacy Podcast - Financing Nature Based Projects

Fenix Carbon were invited to speak at the Amaly Legacy podcast about financing early stage projects

Fenix Carbon


2 mins

Fenix Carbon's CEO, Thomas Herry, was invited to speak at the Amaly Legacy Podcast.

Listen here:

Key Takeaway 1: Why Do We Need Innovative Financial Products?

Nature-based solutions require a long-term investment horizon, with benefits spanning over decades. It’s crucial to develop innovative financial products, including innovative forward financing solutions, that align with the longevity of nature-based solution investments.

Key Takeaway 2: The Power of High-Quality Data

High-quality data is the backbone of forward markets and a critical enabler of forward financing. It’s the key to unlocking capital for early-stage nature-based solutions, potentially catalysing millions to protect, conserve, and restore nature.

Key Takeaway 3: Standardisation is Key to Create a Scalable Market

The voluntary carbon market has been likened to the "wild west", and there's a pressing need for standardisation to attract global asset managers. Standardising contracts and project information requirements will foster trust and scalability, benefiting both investors and project developers.


Investing in nature is not just beneficial for the planet but also offers substantial financial returns when done right. By fostering financial product innovation, leveraging high-quality data, and pushing for standardisation of financing solutions, we can create a scalable market for both the investors and the project developers.

Fenix Carbon is unleashing the next million planet saving projects.

Our mission is to harness the power of data to unlock capital for early stage carbon projects.

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