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Fenix Carbon are delighted to announce our partnership with Auditel to help buyers buy premium carbon offsets direct from developers.

Thomas Herry, CEO Fenix Carbon, commented. “At Fenix Carbon, we are here to bring integrity to the carbon offset market. That's why we are delighted to partner with Auditel. Auditel offers PAS 2060 Verified Carbon Neutrality certification, which guarantees that their clients’ claims are fully documented and auditable.

Straight from the beginning, Fenix Carbon and Auditel had a meeting of minds on values such as integrity, directness and acting ethically. Together we want to see a world where starting and scaling offsetting initiatives is easy. We believe the way to get there is to empower developers to create more projects with higher impact. To achieve this, Fenix Carbon will give developers the tools, capital and market access in a fair and transparent way.”

Christopher Aston, Managing Director at Auditel, says. “We have been very impressed with the team at Fenix Carbon. They are a diverse group of carbon market experts, engineers and entrepreneurs with a deep passion for climate action and truly focused on making a meaningful difference, which is totally aligned with Auditel. When we were investigating the offsetting market it was essential that the offsets were of the highest quality and totally transparent with their provenance. This is because all credits purchased by our clients would have to pass verification.

With Fenix Carbon we can be 100% guaranteed that they will be, all due to their rigorous quality controls to select superior projects accepting only recent vintage offsets from internationally recognised certifiers. Finally, because they only work directly with the developers on the project, we know that the prices of the credits are reliable and with no excess margins being built in via brokers. The future for Auditel and our clients is looking very bright due to this exciting new partnership."

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