Naturally REDD+

A selection of premium REDD+ projects.

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Sivirú, Usaragá, Pizarro, Piliza (SUPP)

This REDD + project is located in the collective territories of Sivirú, San Andrés de Usaragá, Pizarro, ando Piliza in Colombia.

30 tonnes

$14.00 / tonne

The Kariba REDD+ CCB Project

This large project is located in northwestern Zimbabwe, near the largest man-made lake by volume in the world.

25 tonnes

$13.45 / tonne

Valparaiso REDD+ CCB

The Valparaiso Project seeks to help protect and conserve tropical forest by providing payments for ecosystem services

25 tonnes

$13.10 / tonne

Unitor REDD+

The UNITOR REDD+ is located in Amazonas State, which is the municipality with one of the highest aggregate deforestation rate in Brazil.

20 tonnes

$12.00 / tonne

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Portfolio breakdown


Sivirú, Usaragá, Pizarro, Piliza (SUPP)The Kariba REDD+ CCB ProjectValparaiso REDD+ CCBUnitor REDD+
  • Sivirú, Usaragá, Pizarro, Piliza (SUPP) (30%)
  • The Kariba REDD+ CCB Project (25%)
  • Valparaiso REDD+ CCB (25%)
  • Unitor REDD+ (20%)


  • Nature (100.00%)