Energy efficiency - Domestic (Tropical forest protection)

KOKO - Clean Ethanol Cooking Fuel

Switch from non-renewable biomass for thermal applications. (Charcoal to bioethanol fuel switch)

PAS 2060 compliant
Good Health and Well-beingGender EqualityAffordable and Clean EnergyClimate Action


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5,000 tonnes in stock

About this project

Highlights —

  • Kenya loses more than 10.3 million cubic metres of wood from its forests every year due to demand for charcoal as a household fuel
  • KOKO’s solution is radical, tackling demand for this commodity driver of deforestation at scale, using carbon markets to significantly undercut charcoal on price
  • KOKO supplies sustainable bioethanol cooking fuel to urban households in East Africa, via a dense Network of high-tech KOKO Fuel ATMs, cutting out the need for charcoal use altogether
  • KOKO’s platform for the safe and low-cost delivery of clean fuel serves more than 700,000 Kenyan household subscribers every day.

Summary —

KOKO is the technology platform protecting tropical forests – driving a national-scale energy transition from deforestation-charcoal to sustainable bioethanol cooking fuel, delivered through dense networks of self-service KOKO Fuel ATMs that provide convenient access to ultra-clean fuel at a price t...

Developer —

KOKO is a renewable fuel utility – uniting technology, infrastructure, policy and capital to replace deforestation-based charcoal. The technology & operational footprint is similar in sophistication of mobile telco, driving national-scale energy transition away from deforestation fuel. Subscribers are growing 10k / week and Carbon markets are used to solve the affordability gap, by enabling major consumer discounts on hardware and fuel.