N2O Abatement
United States

Florida N2O Abatement - Phlogiston Phase 1

Voluntary destruction of N2O (a powerful greenhouse gas) at a nylon 6,6 manufacturing plant


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About this project

Highlights —

  • Largest N20 abatement project in North America
  • Making every day products and essentials safer and more sustainable
  • Supporting the local community on children's health and safety; education; housing; hunger; and military and first responder support

Summary —

The first phase anticipates N2O abatement of approximately 50% while achieving a nearly 98% abatement by the second phase. Phase one operations of the project began in early 2021.

Developer —

Project development is at the core of what ClimeCo does. From new program and methodology development to project design, finance, and implementation, ClimeCo provides market-facing solutions to meet the specific environmental needs of our partners.

Why this project?

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